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Where It All Began

I tend to do my thinking when walking. One of my favourite short walks is the two miles along the bank of the Devonport leat which runs at the bottom of our garden, past Princes field full of sheep and lambs in the spring, cows and calve in the autumn.

Along the bank to Peat Cott Farm when the leat path joins a footpath past the tiny Methodist chapel which is a quiet spot to sit for a while this path brings you out on the Whiteworks road and easy walking back to Tor Royal.

Farmer David and I have grown our children on the farm, nothing can beat fresh air and home cooked food the terrain on top of our bit of Dartmoor is challenging with adventure around every corner but nothing can beat that feeling of a job well done at the end of the day.


Our Story

Cats, Dogs & Cakes

I think we have an extended family with the farm collies, each one has an individual personality not least Bess, my son’s young dog, watching her learn the ropes day by day and the connection that she has with William never ceases to amaze me. Flash will meet you at the door, his working days done he has found a new job to do. Lad, Jack, (slow)Moe and Pip are the bread winners. Ruby the house terrorist is queen of the sofa.

Did I mention Bruce? Large peachy hairy puss will probably try to come home with you in your car.

Our house tends to smell of cake, chocolaty, oaty, fruit and nuts I love baking scones with clotted cream for tea, yum which is why I have to walk a lot!

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