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Asian Hornets

Asian Hornet or or Vespa velutina - An invasive non native Hornet which could devastate our native pollinators' if we are not vigilant and act on any sightings in the UK. At present this insect is epidemic in France and has invaded Jersey in the Channel Islands. Help...

Wine tasting around Dartmoor

It would surprise many people that good local wine can be bought on Dartmoor, even more surprising is the fact that it is grown and produced on the boarders of the Dartmoor National Park, and what is more, not one, but two vineyards both producing award winning wines....

The One Thing You Can’t Miss on Dartmoor

Our Dartmoor ponies are synonymous with the moorland being the logo of the Dartmoor National park and often in the press regarding the plight of the said Dartmoor pony, a hardy creature about 12hh with long flowing mane and tail, mostly brown, black or grey (white to...

A List of Pharmacies on Dartmoor

https://beta.nhs.uk/find-a-pharmacy/ The above link will take you through to the NHS site which will enable you to put in your post code and find the nearest Pharmacy near where ever you are staying in England. You will find a Pharmacy in most towns on Dartmoor,...

A woodland, rural ramble from hamlet to village

Down in the valleys and in the woods the British Native Bluebells carpet the floor, a pale purple haze which in the warm sunshine sends out a soft spring scent. Not a sight that lasts long, following on from our humble yellow primrose and preceding the shy woodland...

An Afternoon Out on Dartmoor (In January)

Such a short title for what could be a very long blog, so I will write a monthly update! As the saying goes "you can experience all four seasons in one day on Dartmoor", so dressing for the weather is important, warm layers, waterproofs, hat, gloves and a rucksack to...

"I believe we need to listen, notice and talk to people. It isn’t a problem to talk about how you are feeling, and things won’t get out of control, if anything it will dissipate.” Dame Julie Walters in why she's joining us this year to turn a #BlueMonday into a #BrewMonday ☕

Wondering what to do today? Why not join thousands of others at #boxingday meets which are happening up and down the country.

➡️ https://www.countryside-alliance.org/boxingdaymeets

“Today at 11am, around a quarter of a million people will go to see their local pack of hounds at a traditional Boxing Day meet. Fourteen years on from Labour’s hunting ban, some 250 packs of foxhounds, harriers and beagles are still going strong” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2019/12/26/country-sports-major-force-rural-good-wellbeing/

Just seen this on social media! RT if you love this! @FarmersGuardian @FarmersWeekly @FarmingUK @farmersjournal @FarmingLifeNI @farminghub @ZwartblesIE @FarmersOfTheUK @newlandfarm

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